InnSæi – the Sea within

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir Works

Author, Co-Director
and Storyteller
InnSæi – the Sea within (2016) explores the art of thriving, leading and innovating in an age of distraction and transformation.

By conversing with world leading thinkers, scientists and artists, the film explores to what extent our ability to connect with ourInnSæi defines our capacity to be resilient and creative in a rapidly changing world.

InnSæi is the Icelandic word for intuition and means: The sea within. To see within. And to see from the inside out.

InnSæi is the centre of our creative capacity, our capacity to have empathy and to know ourselves. It opens up to the elusive world beyond words, the world of imagination, feelings and purpose.

InnSæi – the Sea within combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science, and explores children’s and adult’s ability to flourish in today’s world. It is co-directed by Kristin Olafsdottir and produced by Klikk Productions and Met Film.

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