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We cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutionsAlbert Einstein
Gunnsteinsdottir gives talks and offers workshops that help unlock the ‘Holy Grail of Creativity’ to boost resilience, wellbeing and innovative thinking in the public and private sector.

Creativity has become the most sought after talent in the work market and has become a necessary component to technical and analytical skills.

Creativity is not just about making art and does not belong to one field of expertise. It is ‘borderless’ in nature and crosses all disciplines and sectors of the economy.

Creative thinking holds the key to our ability to stay original, energized and lead on the forefront of local and global trends.

Gunnsteinsdottir is an experienced expert on creativity. She has taught creative and critical thinking at the University of Reykjavik, University of Bifröst and the Iceland Academy of the Arts. She has given talks and held workshops at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum. She designed an academic education programme based on creative and critical thinking and most recently wrote and directed the documentary film InnSæi – the Sea within, which explores how nature and creativity help us thrive and address personal and global challenges in today’s world.

Feedback from a Creativity Workshop from Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum, Switzerland, 2015:

Hrund’s session was a real success for me because as she called the audience for an understanding of creativity, it opened up a lot of doors to understand what is beyond our mind, but in our heart and soul, defining other ways to meet what is related to identity and emotions.David Hertz, Chef and Founder of Gastromotiva Brazil
The session with Hrund was amazing in so many ways. I can highly recommend it to all leaders. There’s much room for improvement when it comes to leading from the ‘sea within’.Claire Boonstra, Founder Operation Education
The session Hrund ran was one of the strongest I have ever attended in Young Global Leaders summits at the World Economic Forum. Mixing clips from her upcoming film with a discussion amongst YGL’s quickly led to a very open and honest discussion about the underpinnings of leadership, the different facets of creativity and how it can guide us in developing our own ability to lead, and the enormous power of intuition in figuring out new ways of tackling social and environmental problems.Dr. Felicitas von Peter, Managing Partner, Forum for Active Philanthropy

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