Peace-building + Gender Equality

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir Works

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir is an experienced consultant in gender and post-conflict reconstruction.
She has e.g. worked for the UN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Iceland as a consultant. She has lectured and given talks on post-conflict reconstruction and gender in universities and at international conferences. Gunnsteinsdottir was Programme Manager UNIFEM/UN Women in Kosovo from 2001-2002, focusing on Governance, Gender and Leadership. One of the main results from her work there was the Kosovo Action Plan on Gender Equality. Gunnsteinsdottir worked for the UN Economic Commission in Geneva from 2002-2004.

Her most recent consultancy for UN Women was designing a 3-year programme focusing on economic security and peace-building in North Kosovo, a joint initiative by UN Women, UNDP, IOM and UNICEF. The programme focuses on employment generation and transformational leadership, combined with a future foresight strategy on a local government and community level.

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